Chrysler Leaves Injured Customers In The Cold

Those out there who drive Chrysler and General Motor cars have a real fight on their hands.

On June 1 when a bankruptcy judge decided to override a group of injured victims of Chrysler and approved the sale of the company to Fiat, he essentially cut the legs out from under Americans injured by the vehicles by leaving them with no assets to pursue the car company for their injuries. A victim’s fund would cost about $300 million a year, but the money was not put aside.

Clarence Ditlow of the Center for Auto Safety says Fiat even agreed to take on the liability. Instead the bankruptcy judge sailed through a prepackaged plan to leave thousands of Americans out in the cold.

Consumers just spent $57 billion of tax dollars to bailout Chrysler and GM.

Bob Dinnigan is left in a difficult and heartbreaking situation. His daughter, Amanda is a paraplegic after a seat belt injury of her spinal cord. She is 12-years-old. The family has spent about $1 million on her care so far and the insurance is running out.

There are thousands of victim stories being told by consumer groups and General Motors reportedly has $1.25 billion in pending product liability claims and with 40 million GM and Chrysler cars currently on the road. The federal government reports nearly half of all death and injury claims filed against auto manufacturers involve Chrysler and General Motors.

The best advice experts have for consumers is to sell your GM or Chrysler car now, because if you are injured, there will be no remedy for you.

Our advice to consumers is to understand they are left unprotected with no ability to file a product liability lawsuit to collect for medical bills or a wrongful death claim for a faulty car that took the life of their loved one. Yes, some warranties are being honored, so you might be able to get your fan belt changed, but not treat the brain injury of your child.

The only way this will be solved is if Congress or the state governors get involved and put aside a victim’s fund, not unlike that for asbestos or the Dalkon shield, birth control device.

Otherwise, we have an extraordinary trampling of civil rights which are guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment intended to give us access to a remedy through the courthouse doors.

This article is provided by the Jacksonville personal injury lawyers at Farah and Farah who fight for the rights of those injured due to the negligence of another person and/or corporation.