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Brunswick is a city in southeastern Georgia located about 30 miles north of Florida. Home to the fourth-largest automobile port in the eastern United States, the city’s economy encompasses manufacturing, agricultural processing, and bulk cargoes. Nicknamed “the shrimp capital of the world” the region is also famous because it is the center of Georgia’s shrimp and crab industries. In 2007, the city proper had an estimated population of 16,235 and an estimated metropolitan population of 101,792.

Brunswick’s metropolitan area is the twelfth-largest in the state of Georgia and includes the counties of Glynn, Brantley, and McIntosh. With a region that encompasses such a large, varied area and a population that is on the rise, residents and visitors alike require medical attention for a variety of reasons. A lot of people don’t want to believe or admit that medical malpractice in Brunswick, Georgia occurs, as it does across the nation, resulting from failure to diagnose, birth injuries, hospital negligence, and surgical injuries, just to name a few. The knowledge and skills of a medical malpractice attorney is needed when taking on insurance companies, big hospitals, and/or doctors who will do anything like cover up mistakes so that they aren’t held responsible for their negligent actions that put innocent people at risk for suffering life-changing injury or wrongful death.

As patients and consumers who often rely on the aid of pharmaceutical products to help recover from or treat an illness, we expect that the products we are prescribed or buy over-the-counter are safe and don’t pose a risk to our lives. When a manufacturing company distributes medication that causes dangerous side effects to its users, those who are injured may receive compensation; however, this is no easy task. Pharmaceutical litigation is a complex process that requires an experienced Brunswick, Georgia pharmaceutical litigation attorney to help evaluate your case and the evidence involved so that justice can be attained. Contact the personal injury law firm of Farah and Farah today for a confidential consultation:

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