Jacksonville SUV Accident on the Beach Injures Woman

The woman run over by a police SUV while she was lying on the sand is reported to be in critical condition according to an article. The police officer was on patrol and driving a sport utility vehicle, a Chevrolet Trailblazer, on a Jacksonville Beach around 3:15pm, when he appeared to have made a U-turn around the area where 41-year-old Anne Marie Giffin of Jacksonville was laying.

Bystanders pulled her out from under the vehicle. The woman was reported to be bleeding, unresponsive and shaking. She was taken to Shands Jacksonville hospital after the Friday car accident in Florida and is now reported to be in critical condition with broken bones in her chest and pelvis and a head wound.

It turns out that Giffin is a well-known person in town as an exceptional concert pianist and teacher. She is working on her doctorate, has performed at the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and in various music festivals.

Our condolences go out to this woman with wishes for a speedy recovery.

As of Saturday, the police department is not denying what happened – that Officer Lewis Keller didn’t see the sunbather. Whether any discipline is forthcoming is under review for this officer who’s been on the force for one year.

The investigation no doubt will take into consideration the terrain. Reportedly there were no dunes or any brush that might hide the woman; in fact, it was a flat area. The auto accident in Jacksonville happened at 3:15 pm, so the sun was not too low to block anyone’s visibility. Was he on the cell phone, texting or otherwise distracted? Was there alcohol or drugs involved? How fast was he going? Witnesses will be asked many questions to put together the facts.

Unlike some other beaches, Florida still allows vehicle on the beach; however, there are limitations during sea turtle season- May through October- or on sensitive dunes. But some areas around the country have scaled back to ATVs or smaller vehicles. We already know SUV’s have a terrible reputation for visibility on the roads. Why should the sand be any different?

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