Florida Public Service Vehicles on Beaches Get Review after Sunbather is Run Over

According to a report, we should expect some changes in how Jacksonville Beach police patrol the beach in their SUVs. This is an update to a story we told you about last week.

A sunbather, Anne Marie Giffin, 41, is recovering from critical injuries after she was run over by a Jacksonville Beach police Trailblazer. Giffin, suffered a head wound and broken bones when the vehicle backed up and turned around over her, never seeing her under his vehicle in this Florida personal injury incident.

It will take this accomplished pianist, who has performed with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, a long time to heal, but she did survive the accident and we wish her a speedy recovery.

She will also have extensive medical expenses which the city must realize it is liable for. If not, no one would fault her for seeking compensation so she does not have her life further ruined with the cost of medical and rehabilitative care.

Jacksonville Beach Mayor Fland Sharp wants to review all of the police vehicles that travel the beach to find out what happened, why, and to make sure it never happens again.

Sharp said that, after the accident he expects policy changes on which city vehicles are driven on the beach and why, the Florida Times Union reports.

“That’s absolutely going to happen,” Sharp said. “Once we get all the reports done, the city manager [George Forbes] is going to do that and they’ll bring it back to us…I expect some modifications to driving on the beach. But you can’t take all the vehicles off the beach.”

Sharp points out that lifeguards, trash collectors, public works vehicles all travel the beach and he’s surprised this hasn’t happened before.

If we knew there was a potential for a problem, shouldn’t we have tried to fix it proactively?

Were there some incidents that put the police department on notice that this could happen and chose not to do anything about it?

The city needs to make alternate transportation a priority. Other municipalities have turned to ATVs to patrol or using three-wheeled scooters as they do in Hollywood, Florida, while others have banned motorized traffic on the beach during certain hours to minimize harm to civilians. Many unsettling questions remain to be answered, but for right now, a professional musician has to concentrate on getting well. We can only hope the city is doing all it can to assist her without being forced to do the right thing.

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