Florida ATV Rollover Death and Alcohol: Who is Responsible?

Almost a week doesn’t go by without hearing about car accidents in Jacksonville involving all-terrain vehicles and children.

Statistics show that almost every year, 40,000 children and teenagers are seriously hurt in ATV rollover accidents. Many children are killed due to the heavy weight of the vehicle falling on them. This is something that parents never get over.

In addition, alcohol and ATV’s definitely do not mix.

The attorneys representing the estate of a 28-year-old, who died in an ATV accident, have filed a Florida wrongful death lawsuit against the father, according to an article. It seems the father did not stop his “clearly intoxicated” son from riding the ATV after consuming alcohol at a house party.

The argument is that, not unlike drunk driving, friends, and in this case, family, do not let intoxicated people get behind the wheel. The mother is in charge of her son’s estate and filed the lawsuit to protect the interest of the two grandchildren.

This is a new twist on the laws that hold those who should know better, responsible for of the actions of those who are legally intoxicated, as the son was. In the case of motor vehicles, no one home during the time of a house party can allow minors to consume alcohol and not try to stop it. The host or hostess may be charged with a crime as they are responsible for minors in their home who are not old enough to drink.

The outcome in this ATV case could set a legal precedent and raise the bar for those involved with the already dangerous ATV’s. Our thoughts go out to the two minor children here, who have lost a father for a senseless reason.

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