Falling Television Kills Child in Jacksonville

According to a News4Jax.com report, little four-year-old Dymounique Wilson was just trying to retrieve her Dora the Explorer book. It was on top of a heavy television set which was on a stand in her mother’s bedroom. After her mother dozed off, the little girl went for her book.

“The only thing I heard was a boom, and when I woke up I saw the TV on her,” her mother, Samara Brinkley told Channel 4.

Brinkley says she can’t sleep or eat since her daughter’s death when the television crashed to the floor, killing the child.

Our condolences go out to those who loved this little girl. What a horrible tragedy and accident.

“So I ask for every parent to please watch your children because this could have happened to anybody,” says Dymounique’s grandmother, Marrietta Brinkley.

And these tragic accidents of Florida wrongful death do happen. A study just published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics, shows there was 264,000 injuries from tipped over furniture from 1990 to 2007, and that represents an increase in injuries from falling furniture over the last 18 years.

About 75 percent of the injuries – occurred to children six and under, and televisions were most commonly involved in 47.4 percent of cases.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, prevention is the first line of defense. Caregivers need to use anchors to hold televisions, TV stands, bookcases and bureaus to the wall. You can use an “L” shape bracket, screws and toggles. Some televisions even come with brackets or straps to secure them.

If a heavy television is in a room, it should be on sturdy furniture and pushed to the back of a shelf. Remember not to store anything on top of the television like a toy or a remote control.

The CPSC says dressers and cabinets should be stacked with the heaviest things in the bottom so the furniture is not top-heavy. Please check the CPSC website before buying used furniture that your child will spend a lot of unsupervised time in.

Many unsafe cribs that have been recalled are still sold at garage sales and consignment shops. Every year children are trapped between the bars or between the flooring and the frame and suffocate. According to Safe Kids USA, more than two million fall-related injuries involved children in 2002 and of those, 80 percent occurred in the home. Ms. Brinkley is right – this type of tragedy can and does happen regularly. Again, our condolences go out this family for their loss.

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