Boaters Rescued off Coast of Jacksonville

Six people were rescued from a boating accident near Florida in the Atlantic this week, about 90 miles east of Jacksonville after their boat started to sink.

According to a report, a Good Samaritan saw the boat sinking and called the Coast Guard to the rescue.

A Navy P-3 aircraft was used to help spot the sinking boat while a Coast Guard helicopter came from Clearwater on the west coast to pick up the passengers. A Coast Guard jet came from Miami with a de-watering pump the boaters could use.

Fortunately, the boaters had their life jackets on and were spotted quickly; both of which saved their lives.

The Coast Guard estimates that in about 80 percent of boating fatalities, the passengers could have been saved if they had been wearing their life jackets. Boaters primarily die from drowning, according to Coast Guard statistics and among those in 2002, 85 percent were not wearing a personal flotation device.

Whether you are sinking in heavy seas or thrown off a dock or boat, a life jacket will keep you afloat, even in freezing water. However do not try to use an adult life jacket on a child, it does not work.

Boating fatalities have actually declined from a high of nearly 2,000 nationwide, reports the Coast Guard, but thousands are injured every year in boating accidents. The boat owner has the responsibility to remind everyone onboard to wear their jackets because accidents happen swiftly, leaving little time to reach a stowed jacket.

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