Florida SUV Traffic Accident on I-95 Injures 2

According to an article, rescuers had to cut part of a roof off of an SUV after it crashed off I-95 near St. Augustine south of Jacksonville last weekend. It was the only way to remove the two injured people inside. They were taken to Flagler Hospital after they were extracted from the vehicle which had crashed into some trees.

There are very few details on what exactly happened or how the vehicle ended up wedged in the trees on the side of the road.

There is a lot of construction on I-95 and this unfortunate car accident in Florida serves as a good reminder about the steep drop-off that can occur around the road’s edge. Construction zones often contain dangerous drop-offs where the contractors fail to build up the replacement dirt outside of the white line.

If a tire catches the exposed dirt shoulder, it can jerk the vehicle in the direction of the drop-off and throw the driver off, causing him to over-correct his vehicle in the opposite direction, often into oncoming cars or trees.

Drivers on undivided rural highways with high speed limits are particular locations for these drop-off accidents, though they can occur anywhere. Even a drop-off of two inches or less can cause this sort of loss of control resulting in a Florida hazardous road accident.

The Federal Highway Administration estimates about 11,000 people are injured and 160 are killed each year in accidents that involve unsafe pavement edges.

If you are the unfortunate victim of this sort of road hazard, the experienced Jacksonville car accident attorneys at Farah & Farah can help build an investigation of your case before there is any cover up, or road conditions are improved. The road hazard has to be measured and cause of the drop-off identified. Pictures must be taken, measurements of both the pavement and drop-off must be taken and construction contracts must be studied to see if attention was paid to avoiding creation of a road hazard.

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